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Master Fic List

Welcome! It's about time I got around to organizing my fics, so here you are. Not that I'm a prolific writer, but I like to think of this list as a WIP, to be updated upon the whim of my fickle Muse. Currently, I write in two fandoms - Sherlock Holmes book!Canon and BBC's Sherlock, which, arguably, are just two branches of the same tree.

This LJ is semi friends only, so please feel free to comment or drop me a PM if you'd like to be added.

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Well, This Is A Fine How-Do-You-Do

I take a hiatus from LJ for two stinking months, with a peek here and there in between, only to come back and find the place has practically packed up and left without me :/

Meh. I'll miss this old haunt, that's for certain, but I suppose it will be nice to have a shiny new Dreamwidth account (or, er, one that I created a few years ago and have ignored ever since...) to give one a fresh start. Won't be deleting my LJ, but I'm considering not importing this entire journal over there, maybe just ficcery? IDK. Been meaning to dust off and polish up a few of my Very Ancient fics, so this might be a good excuse to do as much.

Anyway, if anyone is still lurking these cobweb-laden corridors, I'd love to know who has already made the shift to DW so that I might follow you over there :)

Also - there appears to be some bit of outrage over LJ's new TOS, to say the least. Was I dreaming, sleeping, or otherwise cerebrally flatlined when reading them, because I can't remember there being much about content restrictions. Either that or I'm pretty much sleepwalking through life these days.


My DW account can be found here: http://autumnatmidnite.dreamwidth.org/

Last night, I finally found the time to give TFP a proper watch. From the fragments I saw when it originally aired, it made me angry over what this once great program had devolved into, but I think, having genuinely given it a chance, can say it was not half as torturous as was TST, and I am not angry with it anymore. Just sad. Grieving, really.

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What, in Satan's unholy name, am I even watching?

The Lying Detective

Well. That was... a bit trippy, strange and not quite shaped back into form. But. What a decided relief from last week's spectacular fiasco.

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The Six Thatchers...

Sherlock S4 Trailer

Stick A Fork In Me...

... because I. AM. DONE.

As in, the novel I have been writing on/off since the '09 NaNoWriMo has finally, all 147k of it, come to an end. Does it need editing? Why yes; a shit load of it. Do I need to systematically murder about 40k words? At least.

However, that doesn't matter right now, because I am finished, and it is glorious. \o/

*pops open the bubbly*

Updates, Recs & Suchlike...

Haven't been kicking around fandom recently, mainly due to RL. Social lives, such as they are, need to be watered, and work - ugh. There's always that. Working at a school ensures my unemployment during the summer, so I've gone back to housecleaning on the side (the knees are not thanking me for that, let me tell you) and just put in an application at the Board Of Elections, with a reference from an old friend who has been working on it for years. *crosses fingers*

Aside from that, while I usually spend the 4th of July at my cousin's house, this year, we're all (or, most of us are, anyway) gravitating to my boyfriend's house for a block party. I'm actually just getting back from The Village, because where else, I ask you, can one purchase contraband fireworks/crackers and sparklers for the patriotic edification of the children if not there? I'm a bit giddy, actually. It feels like I'm a teenager again, sneaking off downtown to consult a fraudulent soothsayer or purchase not-quite-above-board identification.

Ah, the good old days.

It also didn't help that I went with a friend who I go back to grade school with, and who was usually the one responsible for said excursions of dubious legality. It was nice to get away from adult responsibilities for a few hours, at any rate, but all things considered, those are honestly days I'd rather have stay in the past.

Anyway, long-winded ramblings aside, I did want to share an interesting Holmesian movie I stumbled across over the weekend. I vaguely recall hearing something about it back when Elementary (*shudder*) first came out, but how much credence does one give an American Sherlock Holmes miniseries from 1987? However, as I was reasonably impressed with 1994 Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Returns, which has a very similar premise, I thought I'd give The Return Of Sherlock Holmes a shot.

I originally thought it was some gender!swap nonsense, but this Jane Watson is decidedly not a Dr Watson replacement, and could give Lucy Liu a run for her money on how to portray a friend and partner to Sherlock Holmes. No romance need apply here ( \o/ ) but there was a great deal of affection between the two, in something that went a bit further than a paternal relationship, though never managed to become outright Holmes/Watson. I found these subtextual elements more than tolerable, nor did they detract an iota from what a watchable Holmes Michael Pennington made for - especially in regards to his look, which, in my estimation, anyhow, was near perfect. The plot was fairly intricate, as well. So. Consider me impressed.

Apr. 26th, 2016

I've been making some excellent progress on the draft of a manuscript started, oh, waaaaay back in 2009. I outlined it that summer, intending to write it for NaNoWriMo, and I think got about 15-17k before getting hit with the worst writer's block of my existence. It got shoved on the back burner for around a year, at which time I started writing on it haphazardly, but it wasn't until early 2012 that I got serious about finally getting it done.

Unfortunately, it was also that year wherein I had no choice but to let it fester, because unbeknownst to me, I was severely hypothyroid, and getting sicker and sicker and sicker with every symptom under the sun, from sinus infections to body aches to anemia to a worsening of my prolapsed mitral valve/palpitations (etc. ad infinitum), and also cognitive problems that ranged from non-existent short term memory, inability to concentrate, "stupors", bipolar symptoms, and specifically to my writing, I was unable to properly structure a story because I couldn't remember from one sentence to the next what I had written and what needed to be written for continuities' sake.

Now that I've been diagnosed properly and am taking homeopathic meds, I feel like my brain has returned from an extended holiday, and went back to work on this story in mid-October after a nearly four year hiatus. I started from scratch, working alongside the rough draft (which is approx. 72k), so that I have about half or slightly more rewritten or newly added scenes in this revised version, while the rest was pasted in from the original document.

This evening I was able to hit 100k on the revised draft. It's... monumental, actually, because I've never gotten close to that word count before. I wrote an old high fantasy story 18 or so years ago that was about 60-70k (IDK for certain as it was handwritten), and aside from this have one I was working on frantically during the worst of my hypothyroid stupor that seems to have hit a brick wall @ 73k.

Suffice it to say I normally don't give much credence to my word counts, but I was inordinately proud today, as it means I'm not just more productive as a writer, but finally feeling better, long-term. Aside from that, my thoughts are clear enough to have straightened out the WTFs and occasional structural issues. I'd never be able to do this when my thyroid decided to flatline. And minuscule as it is, feel like I've accomplished something, or am one step closer to that accomplishment.

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