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Master Fic List

Welcome! It's about time I got around to organizing my fics, so here you are. Not that I'm a prolific writer, but I like to think of this list as a WIP, to be updated upon the whim of my fickle Muse. Currently, I write in two fandoms - Sherlock Holmes book!Canon and BBC's Sherlock, which, arguably, are just two branches of the same tree.

This LJ is semi friends only, so please feel free to comment or drop me a PM if you'd like to be added.

Ficcery Under The Cut...Collapse )
I'm not long back from a walk through my old neighborhood, which I haven't visited for years, in spite of the fact that I still remain within walking distance of it. Honestly, between getting overwhelmed with health issues for the past 8 years, aside from leaving the house for work (which was 2 blocks away), I've quite honestly become somewhat agoraphobic. Now, with the proverbial shit having hit the fan, I've really been forced to take stock of my life and the direction in which it's going. I also seemed to have gotten stuck on a time period in the past, and, like a tire stuck in the mud, was sinking deeper into it instead of trying with all my might to move forward.

Anyway, it has become apparent to me that my old sins have finally caught up to bite me, be they literal sins or the fact that I was an underachieving, ambitionless slacker in school. I had a great deal of anger as a child, which was not made better by my less than solicitous fellow students, and I always felt the outcast. Eventually, I would embrace that role. In high school it actually served to make me popular, in a way - I was one of the metalhead goths in dark eye makeup before that image was farted on by all the wimpy emos. We didn't get messed with, back then.

I had some good times in high school. My social life wasn't hectic but it did feel fulfilled. So I've had a difficult time letting that go.

I walked past the old alma mater this afternoon, while on a job hunt, and found it to be such a cathartic experience. For one, I walked up to the doors that I'd passed through hundreds of time - and felt nothing. That was a revelation. There was nothing for me here anymore. I'm not an emotional person by any stretch of the imagination, but I couldn't hold back tears.

It was both immeasurably sad and liberating at the same time.

The school was getting ready for lockup, so I didn't venture inside, but just seeing a handful of girls in that same old uniform was something I truly needed to experience. It was as though it made me realize that the past is over, and the future now awaits.

I'm planning on visiting again tomorrow. There is an open house, and I just feel the need to be around those uniformed girls and look around that old haunt again. To reflect on what I had, the opportunities I threw away, and where my life is headed. Besides that, it was wonderful to be in the center of that old neighborhood, surrounded by people, with some semblance of a purpose on my path through. That's what I had in high school - a purpose - and that is what I felt I never had again afterwards. I got stuck in such a rut when I dropped out of college, and I think, in order to get started again, I need to put the car in reverse before I can begin to move forward again.

Looks Like We're Moving :(

Well, the inevitable finally seems to be happening. Either we sell our house within the next few months, or we could be in a very serious risk of foreclosure. My savings are pretty much decimated, and in February, I received notice I would no longer be employed - I work part time in a charter school in a secretarial position which originally was supposed to be a temp job, so after four years, it was a bit of a shock to learn I was being let go.

Between unemployment and medical bills my grandmother incurred after breaking her hip last year (that I was helping her pay), and medical bills of my own after a bad angina attack also in February, the money we were using to fall back on is no longer there, and it only recently became apparent how little there actually is left.

Now, I'm not the sort who believes in such illogical things, but if I were, then I'd swear this house has been a harbinger of bad luck since the very first day we moved in. Of course, I don't actually believe that, but one horrible thing after another has happened while we've been here, so lots of negative memories surrounding this place. I've been itching to get out for 15 years, and now, faced with the prospect of going, I'm becoming physically sick from the anxiety of just thinking about leaving.

Even so, I knew this was coming long before it ever happened. I am aware of how strange it sounds, but this past year, it has really seemed like events that took place in the 18 months prior to our moving here (another hectic time) have been coming full circle, even down to significant dates. In that respect, I've been prepared for this move since last summer, because I could not shake the feeling that a certain event was going to be a catalyst not simply for us leaving this house, but one that closed a particular interval of my life. Anyway, I know I'm rambling, but I needed to air out my thoughts.


This weekend is going to be a major chore, and very sad, because we'll be throwing out some old furniture that has been in the family for decades. I think that's the worst part - I was so heartbroken when we left our old apartment, and now it's as though my last ties with that old place are being severed :(

One thing I'm grateful for right now is the little things. My youngest Beagle is actually keeping me sane, and I've rediscovered my old music collection that was put away over a decade ago during a flood and never taken back out. God almighty, but Ozzy Osbourne has been a lifeline in a shitstorm for me since 1986. Seriously, if it were not for heavy metal I'd have killed myself or become a serial killer by now.

I need an aspirin...

Well, This Is A Fine How-Do-You-Do

I take a hiatus from LJ for two stinking months, with a peek here and there in between, only to come back and find the place has practically packed up and left without me :/

Meh. I'll miss this old haunt, that's for certain, but I suppose it will be nice to have a shiny new Dreamwidth account (or, er, one that I created a few years ago and have ignored ever since...) to give one a fresh start. Won't be deleting my LJ, but I'm considering not importing this entire journal over there, maybe just ficcery? IDK. Been meaning to dust off and polish up a few of my Very Ancient fics, so this might be a good excuse to do as much.

Anyway, if anyone is still lurking these cobweb-laden corridors, I'd love to know who has already made the shift to DW so that I might follow you over there :)

Also - there appears to be some bit of outrage over LJ's new TOS, to say the least. Was I dreaming, sleeping, or otherwise cerebrally flatlined when reading them, because I can't remember there being much about content restrictions. Either that or I'm pretty much sleepwalking through life these days.


My DW account can be found here: http://autumnatmidnite.dreamwidth.org/

Last night, I finally found the time to give TFP a proper watch. From the fragments I saw when it originally aired, it made me angry over what this once great program had devolved into, but I think, having genuinely given it a chance, can say it was not half as torturous as was TST, and I am not angry with it anymore. Just sad. Grieving, really.

Unreasonably long and swooning maiden levels of drama ahoy...Collapse )
What, in Satan's unholy name, am I even watching?

The Lying Detective

Well. That was... a bit trippy, strange and not quite shaped back into form. But. What a decided relief from last week's spectacular fiasco.

Thar be SPOILERY ramblings ahoy...Collapse )

Sherlock S4 Trailer

Holy shit.

That is all.

Stick A Fork In Me...

... because I. AM. DONE.

As in, the novel I have been writing on/off since the '09 NaNoWriMo has finally, all 147k of it, come to an end. Does it need editing? Why yes; a shit load of it. Do I need to systematically murder about 40k words? At least.

However, that doesn't matter right now, because I am finished, and it is glorious. \o/

*pops open the bubbly*